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Rave Reviews from Satistifed Customers

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Wendy has addressed audiences from all over the world and received rave reviews. Satisfied customers report . . . 

  •  “I have been attending various legal seminars for 20 years and your presentation was the best I have ever seen.  I looked at the lawyer next to me and asked him ‘How would you like to try a case against her?’”
  • “Wow!”
  • "Wholly Cow!"
  • “Outstanding!  Probably one of the top 5 speakers I have ever heard in 21 years as a prosecutor!”
  • “To be blunt, it was the best seminar I have ever been to in my life – the material was very interesting and you are a phenomenal speaker – probably one of the best speakers I have ever heard.”  
  • “By far the most impressive and exciting speaker I have heard.”
  • "This was one of the best presentations I had the pleasure of attending."
  • “Great!  Never heard a more compelling presentation.” “Best ethics presentation I have witnessed.”
  • “Phenomenal!” “Fabulous!”
  • “Your lecture was the best I have heard on this topic.”
  • “Best MCLE instructor I have ever heard!” “Enthusiastic and fun.” “Actually exceeded my expectations – very interesting approach to teaching ethics.”  “Excellent – would like to take more courses taught by her!” “Best class on ethics to date.” “Awesome and dynamic!” “Exceeded my expectations – excellent presenter!   Bring her back!” –
  • “Your presentation style and delivery were the best I have seen in a long time.” –
  • “Your presentation was motivating vibrant and effective.  You did send your message to the attendees”  “Words cannot express our appreciation for your presentation.  You are extremely gifted and make the world a better place to live.  You were everything I was expecting and more.”
  •  “Your message was so après-pro and you presented it in such an electrifying, stimulating, and wonderfully entertaining manner.  The Council has since received so many compliments about you, many verbally and some documented on the surveys we handed out at the luncheon.  Comments were all 100% positive; your fun personality definitely left a lasting impression with us all!”
  • “One of the best facilitators I’ve seen and heard in any setting!”
  • “She’s an amazing speaker.  Very informative and knowledgeable.”  “Great enthusiasm.” “Have her come back!”–
  • “Dynamic speaker, engages the person to want to listen”
  • “Having attended all of her sessions I highly recommend her!”
  • “She was fabulous.  A joy to listen to and made the subject very interesting. Wendy’s enthusiasm is contagious!” “Wendy has a dynamic presence that is refreshing . . . she has an ability to present her topic in an exciting and informative light.”  “Excellent speaker and very engaging.” “Enthusiastic and dynamic speaker.  Would love to attend other seminars that she puts on.”
  •  “Very stimulating and captivating speaker!”
  • “She rocks!”
  • “What an amazing speaker – a true dynamo.  Her presentation was interesting and extremely relevant to today’s issues - wish we could have had more of her time.”
  • “Brilliant”
  • "Have seen her before, she is consistently good."
  • "Well organized and dynamically presented."
  • “Makes an esoteric subject very interesting and dynamic”
  • “Wonderful exciting delivery and clearly very well versed”
  • “Dynamic and energetic”

 Wendy Patrick is represented by Curtiss Enterprises.  For Advantage SpeakerSM booking information please call (619) 861-2112 or

*No attorney referrals.  Wendy is a business ethics lecturer and prosecutor.  She does not provide legal representation.  This webpage does not constitute legal advertising, nor does any portion of it contain legal advice. 

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